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Nick Lundh proudly presents

Fight Night #59 Australia


Saturday, June 25th

6.30pm (AEDT)

$25.00 AUD

$22.50 AUD

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Fight Card - Fight Night #59

(Subject to Change)

1 Mekhi Peter Pirona – Sale Andre Cortejos Jhon Cortejos – Sale Kid’s Exhibition Bout
2 Orlando Pentony Marcus Burke – Berwick Brock Blackney Nick Lundh – Lilydale Boxing
3 Kobi Peter Pirona – Sale Dominic Cortejos Jhon Cortejos – Sale Kid’s Exhibition Bout
4 Bezhad Molavi Abdul Rahman – Dandenong Alex Dorozhkin Marcus Burke – Berwick Boxing
5 Nathan Collins Jake Gathercole – Clyde Nth Jordy Morris Nick Lundh – Lilydale Boxing
6 Tommy West Nick Lundh – Lilydale Taiga Akbar Marcus Burke – Berwick Boxing
7 Christian Ferretti Steve Andrews – Bairnesdale Todd Jell Marcus Burke – Berwick Boxing
8 Robert Morgan Steve Andrews – Bairnesdale Ash Joiner Jhon Cortejos – Sale Boxing
9 Adam Trev Jake Gathercole – Clyde Nth AJ Akbar Marcus Burke – Berwick Boxing
10 Hayden Contarino Jake Gathercole – Clyde Nth Dylan Howard Nick Lundh – Lilydale Boxing
11 Lachy Frankel Mark Quon – Melbourne Jordy Watkins Jhon Cortejos – Sale Regional Gippsland Light Middleweight Amateur Boxing Title
12 Cooper Martin Jhon Cortejos – Sale Jawaid Akbar Marcus Burke – Berwick Boxing
13 Jack Day Jake Gathercole – Clyde Nth Andrew Pritchett Jhon Cortejos – Sale Boxing
14 Joseph Coniglione Marcus Burke – Berwick Hayden Damon Jhon Cortejos – Sale Boxing
15 Dunlatip Samansulong Thailand Jhon Cortejos Jeremy Joiner – Sale Professional FSA Regional Super Featherweight Boxing Title
16 Banpot Khaoiam Ranked No.5 in Sth East Asia Jake Gathercole Nick Lundh – Lilydale Professional WBF Australasian Cruiserweight Boxing Title
17 Surachat Tongmala Ranked No.12 in Asia Czar Amonost Nick Lundh – Lilydale Professional FSA Asia Pacific Welterweight Boxing Title